Tips for Finding a Reputable Auto Mechanic

Looking for a Mechanic You Can Trust?

Finding a reputable auto mechanic can often be a daunting task, as they are hard to come by these days, which means you need to be both persistent and patient. Never give up when the first few searches do not go as planned, perseverance is key here.

Handing over the keys to your vehicle to a mechanic is not a decision that you should do lightly. As your car is an important part of your daily life, therefore, it is important that you feel confident that your mechanic can oversee the necessary repairs.

Checking with the Better Business Bureau

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few car mechanics, contact your Better Business Bureau to find out what each one’s star rating is like, and read customer reviews.

Getting some recommendations

Websites such as Yelp or Angie’s list are an excellent place to start, however, you should also speak to friends and family members. The best way to find or receive a referral on a good auto mechanic is still via word of mouth.

Looking for Certifications and Memberships

In today’s world, the majority of cars come with advanced digital technology, which is why you should never entrust your vehicle to someone that does not possess the proper training and education. When talking to any mechanic, ask them if they are ASE certified. This is an important certification that is awarded to mechanics from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Research Ahead of Time

Look for a mechanic before you actually require urgent repair, by doing your research before you are stuck in a tough situation, will give you the time needed to assess each auto mechanic without having to take the first one you come across.

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