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Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
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 16 reviews
Apr 15, 2021
by Grace J on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Quick and Reliable

I needed to get a smog check for my vehicle, and I looked on the Internet to see where I could go for one locally. This company was the closest one to me, so I arranged to visit them to do the work. Everything went well, and I was able to get the certificate for passing the test. Finding out they do a lot more than just the smog check, I know where I can go if I need new tires or have any problems with my car.

Apr 8, 2021
by M. Lewis on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Very Professional Team of Mechanics

It wasn't until I bought a 4x4 that I realized that the rear wheels would need to be checked as well as the front. I was recommended to book a four wheel alignment service with this company to make sure that I did not have any issues and they were able to fit me in on the same day I went. It did not take them very long to attach the equipment, and they confirmed that slight adjustments were required to keep the tires running smoothly. The money I paid for the service was very reasonable, and I will be happy to return to them if I need any other work in the future.

Apr 1, 2021
by V. Atkins on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
The Alignment Matters

I visited this tire place to change a couple of tires on my car, and while inspecting the wear, the mechanic asked if I had taken the car to an alignment shop. I said that I hadn't, but why had he asked, and he explained that the uneven wear on the outside of the front tires was because they were running unevenly. After making a few adjustments and fitting the new tires, they assured me that the new ones would last far longer than before. They were not wrong as I have already done a significant amount of miles more than last year, and they still look new.

Mar 25, 2021
by L. Brown on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
They Know What They Are Doing

Having a car that intermittently refuses to start when you need to drive to work is a real nuisance, especially when you run as late as I usually do. I had to get something done about the situation, so I called this company to see if they could fix the problem. The auto mechanic that worked on the car said that after an hour, he found an electrical fault that was almost certainly the cause and was able to replace the part the following day. It has not let me down once since these experts looked at it, and I am so glad that I still have my job to drive to every day.

Mar 18, 2021
by Victoria S on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Great Service

After receiving a stern telling off from my dad about the state of the tires on my car, I was told to visit this tire shop to get them replaced. I called them before I went to make sure they would be able to do them straight away, and they confirmed they could and that they had a range of tires that would suit my Ford. I was pleased with the service I received from them, and the cost of the new tires was not as bad as I thought it would be. At least it keeps me in my dad's good books for now.

Sep 28, 2020
by Sharon Hunt on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Great and Amazing

Great service. I've been here twice and I don't regret it. Honest and the prices are affordable prices. This is a place that will take very good care of their customers. To sum it up: AMAZING!

Sep 27, 2020
by Clayton Holloway on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Great Alignment Services

If it's four wheel alignment you need, this company should be on top of your list. I've been getting an alignment service for quite sometime and they never fail to satisfy my needs. I highly recommend.

Sep 26, 2020
by Shawn Patrick on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Go-To Shop!

My wheel was a bit wonky whenever I drive so I decided to seek help from a professional and I am glad I came across this alignment shop. From now on, this is my-go shop!

Sep 25, 2020
by Wm Gutierrez on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Best One in Town

My car was due for a visit from an auto mechanic and this was the shop nearest me. I drove and to this shop and was greeted with warm smiles. Everyone is just so accommodating.

Sep 24, 2020
by F. Wallace on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Will Definitely Come Back

For your tire needs, this tire shop is the one to call! I am greatly happy with the results of my tired and they also give great recommendations which are great for all car owners. Highly recommended!

Sep 23, 2020
by Terry G on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Friendly Staff

One of the few diesel smog check locations who have a tech that knows her stuff! The staff was friendly and very accommodating. I would highly recommend anyone to come over here for all your smog needs.

Sep 22, 2020
by Kristina Harper on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Highly Recommended

This shop is the one to beat when it comes to four wheel alignment! I am so thankful I came across them when I needed an alignment. Keep it up and I would definitely come back soon!

Sep 21, 2020
by Ray Wilkerson on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Top Notch Service and Advice

I have found my new go-to alignment shop! They have state of the art equipment and the service was so fast I was in and out in a blink! I definitely recommend this place.

Sep 20, 2020
by S. Cortez on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Amazing Services

Out of all the auto mechanics I've encountered, the one from this company literally let me know everything that was happening to my vehicle. They make sure that you understood everything and they even give out tips to ensure that your car lasts you longer. Amazing!

Sep 19, 2020
by Glenda Townsend on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
I'm Impressed!

This tire shop should be the only existing one in the area! Their services are totally awesome and great for people like me who are pretty new to having cars. They will walk you through everything and make sure that you understand everything as well. Everything went great!

Apr 22, 2020
by Jamie Hunt on Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Great Services

This tire shop is incredible. They were so helpful when I came in for a tire repair service! I had a flat tire, and I thought I would need to purchase all new tires. However, at this shop, they were able to repair the flat tire for me! It looks good, and so far it's driving without any issues! I'm impressed!

Services List

  • Tire Repair
  • Auto Repair
  • AC Service
  • Smog Check
  • Vehicle Scan
  • Oil Change
  • Suspension Repair
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Break Service
  • Tire Sale

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Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair
Address: 15922 Woodruff Ave,, Bellflower, CA 90706
Phone: (562) 338-6451

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