It’s Time to Visit a Tire Shop

What Your Tires Are Telling You

Hard to believe it but, determining when tires need repair can be easier than you think. That’s right. So if you’re not sure why you need new tires, read on. You might not realize it but, tires can actually tell you when they should be replaced. So if some are more worn out than normal, you need to get a new set soon. Here are some obvious signs that your tires are in trouble and you need to visit a tire shop right now!

Tire off the sidewall

If you notice a bump or a bubble on the tire sidewall, this could be a sign that the tire’s decomposition is advanced. This is a sign that the tire is about to burst and cause a blowout. Also, it damages the wheel rim more. If you see these signs, you should change your tires right away to prevent an accident.

Exposed cords

These are the worst that you can feel as a driver. It could be a sign that your tire is damaged or about to fail. You can check by feeling the tire cords. If you find exposed cords, you should change your tires right away. This is a common problem on snow-covered roads or when you go off-road. Even if you don’t have any plans, it’s better to just stop.

Don’t hold air

If your tires don’t hold air, you should change them. Air that leaks out upon impact, especially when driving over 100 miles an hour, is not good for your car or your safety. If you notice a leak, you need to change your tires right away before it’s too late.

Knowing the signs that your tires are damaged can be a lifesaver. So act right away so your safety will not be in jeopardy. If you are a driver in Bellflower, CA and need a professional tire shop, Buenrostro Tires & Auto Repair is the service provider that you can count on. Call (562) 338-6451 now for more details.

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