Buying Used Tires? Know This Before Visiting a Tire Shop

How to Know a Good Used Tire?

Are you planning on replacing your tires or buying spare ones? Regardless, there are a few variables you got to consider. Know those before dropping by to a tire shop.

Evaluate the Tread Depth

This is crucial, especially if you’re planning on buying a used tire. Used tires are less expensive and maybe the only choice for someone that’s currently short of budget, however since they are not new, you have to be extremely wary of their remaining lifespan.

You’ll know that by checking the tread depth. A new tire usually comes 10/32′ tread depth (By the way, they are measured by 32nd of an inch). That should be deeper for winter tires or heavy-duty tires. Experts recommend replacing the tire once they reach 2/32” so if possible, try buying tires that have a tread depth above 4/32”.

To know the tread depth, you can use a tire depth gauge. Even if you don’t have the tool, you can just check the tread indicator bar engraved on the tire.

Uneven Tread

Don’t buy a tire with uneven thread. They indicate great danger. They are usually caused by worn-out suspension, improper alignment, and underinflation. Although you can’t see such signs on the tires on display, it’s still crucial to be knowledgeable about this matter. Check your tire if it has any of the issues. Address these first before going to a tire shop.

UTQR Rating

Although it’s subjective, since it was the manufacturers that provide those grades, it’s still necessary to look at the tire’s UTQR rating. The rating will give you an idea about the tire’s treadwear grade, traction grade, and temperature grade. This information will definitely play a big role in your purchasing decision.

Tire Age

How old is the used tire? Regardless of the treads left, tires should be replaced once every five or six years. You will mostly find the age of your tire on its sidewall.

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